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Thermo-Cor FR – Class 1 Architectural Phenolic Design Foam


With a Class 1 fire rating and strong, yet lightweight properties, Thermo-Cor FR is revolutionizing the way the
world uses foam.

Thermo-Cor FR is a phenolic foam with a high strength-to-weight ratio that is easily machined or sculpted; available in a wide density range of 2.0-40.0pcf, with a flame spread index of 5 and a smoke developed index of 0 – making it well suited for artistic interior components and structural panels, or for use within stress skins.

Example uses of Thermo-Cor FR include:

- low-smoke-generation insulation
- energy absorbers
- aerospace panels
- marine engine bulkhead panels
- fire core doors
- railcar floors and walls
- ablative materials
- honeycomb filler
- pipe insulation
- acoustical and thermal insulation

Thermo-Cor FR is covered by 6 patents, and available in rigid sheets, buns, and custom cut sizes.   Contact American Foam Technologies today for more info on our products.

It’s not hype when we say we’re changing the game.

TESTIMONIAL: When Imperial Woodworking Enterprisies, Inc. was hired to design the ceiling for the new Revel Resort Casino. They went on a quest for a material that would expand their design options without exceeding engineering thresholds.

“We wanted a material that wouldn’t limit our creativity in developing a very organic structure, but more importantly, one that would significantly reduce engineering load requirements and offer superior fire safety attributes. When we factored all of those issues we ended up with a very short list of viable materials – in fact there was only one product left standing when the dust cleared. So you might say Thermo-Cor FR chose us.” – Keaston Allan, Project Manager of Imperial Woodworking.

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