Balsa-Foam 5 pcf

For Arts & Crafts and School Projects


Phenolic Balsa-Foam is different from all other kinds of foam. It was developed specifically for three-dimensional design and model making. Using a variety of conventional and not-so-conventional hand tools, you can easily create the shape and the detail you need.


Balsa-Foam is also ideal for school art projects. Balsa-Foam enhances student safety because if offers little resistance to sharp carving tools, greatly reducing the risk of slipping. Younger students can sculpt Balsa-Foam with emery boards and wooden picks.

Balsa-Foam 5 pcf

  • 5 lb. pcf
  • Add Coating for Durability
  • Softest Balsa-Foam
  • Easiest to work
  • Smooth Texture
  • Excellent Detail


Working With Balsa-Foam

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